CBGB, the Iconic Punk Rock Club, Is Reopening as a Kitschy Airport Restaurant

CBGB: OMFUG is being resurrected as a themed restaurant at Newark Airport; it will likely open at the end of 2016
Take off those studded leather gloves, man, because punk is dead.

Wikimedia Commons

Take off those studded leather gloves, man, because punk is dead.

CBGB, once the cigarette butt and Mohawk-filled epicenter of rock and roll in the 70s and 80s, has been closed for nearly a decade.

Now, in what many are calling a slight in the face of the “stick it to the man” attitude CBGB OMFUG was known for, the former New York City music club has lent its brand to a Newark airport restaurant that will be opening at the end of next year.

The new casual restaurant will supposedly pay homage to the legendary Bowery music venue where The Ramones and The Talking Heads once headlined with casual pub fare like $9 deviled eggs, an $11.50 wedge salad, and a $14 cheeseburger. How did this happen? According to Gothamist, all CBGB trademarks have been assigned to a holding company that is behind the new restaurant which will officially be called CBGB Lab Lounge and Bar.

There’s no trace of the original CBGB grub pub fare on this slightly pricey menu, which included Hilly’s Chili, named after the owner of CBGB who made the chili from scratch in (likely) the presence of quite a few rats. 

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