Can’t Choose Between a Chocolate Egg and a Cheese Egg? Now You Won’t Have to

A British supermarket chain is selling a chocolate-cheese hybrid Easter egg, for those who can’t make up their minds

For those torn between sweet and savory this spring season.

Chocolate eggs are an iconic part of the Easter basket tradition. But this year, fans of more savory tastes were treated to the brand-new Cheester Egg, an Easter egg made of cheese. If you’re like us and can’t choose between the sins of cheese and chocolate, behold: the Cheaster Egg. The Cheaster Egg is made with cheese and white chocolate and is being sold by Iceland Foods, a British supermarket chain.

The new product was the result of an online poll in which Facebook users had to choose between a Wensleydale egg with white chocolate and raspberry curls and a Cheddar egg with white chocolate curls. The former won. If this sounds a bit bizarre to you, consider the fact that Wensleydale is mild and even a little sweet, with a “wild honey” undertone.

Each egg retails for 3 pounds (about $3.75) and is only being sold at the 800 Iceland Foods locations throughout the U.K.


This isn’t the first time someone has dared to combine the two seemingly opposite foods: Last year a cheesemonger in Melbourne invented chocolate-covered blue cheese, and it was wildly popular.