A ‘Breaking Bad’-Inspired Coffee Shop Exists in Turkey, and They Have It Down to a Science

They even have ‘blue meth’ cupcakes

You can order pancakes with Heisenberg's face at Walter's Coffee Roastery.

If Walter White ordered coffee, he’d probably tell the barista, “Say my name.”

The Breaking Bad pop-up bar is up and running in London, and now a coffee shop inspired by the AMC hit television series is open in Istanbul.

The shop is called Walter’s Coffee Roastery. The baristas wear yellow jumpsuits, just as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman did on the TV show. They even make “blue meth” cupcakes with crushed-up blue rock candy. And they serve a breakfast fit for Walt Jr., who has been dubbed the “king of breakfast.”

Buzzfeed reported that the coffee shop opened in March and was originally called Heisenberg Coffee and Roasting. Deniz Kosan, one of the founders of the café, initially wanted to open in Brooklyn, but settled on Turkey when an investor backed out.


Everything in the shop is laboratory-themed, from lattes in a beaker to the periodic table of elements on the wall. Kosan told Buzzfeed that the coffee shop has been well received, and that he hopes they can expand throughout Europe and the United States.