Berlin Police Discover Massive Cocaine Stash Distributed Throughout Aldi Grocery Stores

The multiple-store stash was divided into individual kilogram packs and hidden between bunches of bananas

Aldi employees first discovered the cocaine while unpacking bananas. 

Authorities in Berlin discovered more than 300 kilograms (approximately 600 pounds) of cocaine stashed inside banana boxes throughout several locations of the grocery chain Aldi, reports The Associated Press.

The cocaine is estimated to have a market value of roughly $16.8 million, making it the largest seizure of its kind to date in Berlin.

The drugs were wrapped in one-kilogram packs, each of which was hidden between the bananas, police spokesman Michael Gassen told the AP. In total, the cocaine supply was distributed throughout 14 different locations of Aldi in and around Berlin. Investigators continue to search through other branches of Aldi to locate any remaining drugs.

The first discovery was made on Monday, May 4 by Aldi employees who were in the process of removing bananas from produce boxes. 


"We are going to track down the trade route of the bananas and investigate all possible traces," Gassen told the AP.