This Batman Burger Is the Hero Our Stomachs Deserve

The DC Comics Café is selling a burger with black buns and the famous Batman insignia

It’s simple. We eat the Batman.

Yet another black bun burger is taking Asia by storm, but this time it’s inspired by everyone’s favorite caped crusader.The Dark Knight mini wagyu beef burger, available at DC Comics Café locations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China, features two charcoal-blackened buns emblazoned with the famous bat signal, stuffed with slider burger fixins, and served with shrimp salad on the side, according to the AV Club.

This isn’t the only superhero-themed menu item available at the DC Comics Café. Other hero-sized offerings include Superman Man of Steel barbecue chicken burritos, Green Lantern green tea latte (with his logo artfully designed in foam), Batman pizza and branded waffles, and a Wonder Woman chicken sandwich (again, with her logo on top of the bun).


Unfortunately, the Dark Knight blackened burger and the rest of the Gotham goodies are not available in the States yet, but we would definitely take a visit to the DC Comics Café faster than a speeding bullet.