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This Australian Shop's Massive Nutella-Filled Doughnut Weighs 2.2 Pounds

The doughnut can be ordered a day in advance and picked up in stores

Just when you thought doughnuts couldn't get any crazier, an Australian doughnut chain has come out with a massive 2.2 pound creation.

The Donutella Versace is a hefty doughnut made with Hershey’s and cocoa dough with a chocolate glaze, but that’s not all — the prodigious pastry is also filled with Nutella. If that’s still not enough chocolate for you, the doughnut is topped with chocolate flakes, Kit Kat pieces, Oreo cookies, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, and gold flakes and served with a mini jar of Nutella in the middle.

You’re more than welcome to take on the Donutella Versace on your own, but Doughnut Time says it can serve up to four people.

The limited-edition doughnut is available through July 13 for $34 AUD ($26 USD) at Doughnut Time locations in Australia.

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