Asia Can’t Get Enough of Outrageously Good-Looking Street Food Vendors

Sexy street food vendors are starting to become a trend in Asia, and women are lining up around the block to get a glimpse

It’s not just the street food that’s sizzling at these carts….

In Asia, everyone is going gaga over the latest trend of muscular men selling street food. First, it was the strikingly attractive bean curd salesman in Taiwan that caught the attention of the ladies (and several men, too). He and his muscles rose quickly to Internet stardom, but it appears he isn’t the only hawking hunk out there. Introducing Jordan Yeoh of Malaysia, who has become known as “the world’s hottest durian-seller.”

Yeoh, who is actually a fitness guru/personality on YouTube and Facebook, decided to help his aunt and uncle out with their durian fruit stand because as he says, “market vendor seems like a trend now.” Since then, he’s been posting frequent shirtless pictures of himself selling durian. Durian is known as the world’s smelliest fruit, but despite the foul order of his wares, it seems that he has gained quite a following on social media.


Both his Facebook and YouTube pages have been awash with women proclaiming their love and admiration for Yeoh. In case you had any doubt of his popularity, he was also crowned the Hottest Hunk in Malaysia in 2011.