So much for robots taking over our service jobs.


Artificial Unintelligence? China Is Now FIRING Robot Waiters for Incompetence

Three restaurants in Southern China got rid of their robot servers because they were more trouble than they were worth

As it turns out, we may have to wait a few years before the imminent robot takeover of our workforce, as a few kinks still need to be worked out.

Several restaurants in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou ditched their robot servers because they were simply too unreliable to actually be worth the hassle.

“The robots weren’t able to carry soup or other food steady and they would frequently break down. The boss has decided never to use them again,” an employee at one of the restaurants told the Worker’s Daily through a translator.

The humanoid robots cost approximately cost $7,700 USD each and required constant maintenance and repairs to keep in proper working order, which adds up to more than just a normal server’s salary.

“The robots can attract plenty of customers, but they definitely can’t reduce the need for human labor,” one restaurant owner said through a translator. “The robots were virtually not intelligent at all.”

In total, three restaurants in the same neighborhood that had tried artificially intelligent employees either shut down or were forced to re-theme their restaurants. One restaurant even had robot chefs and was forced to close because the food was so bad, according to the South China Morning Post.

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