American Airlines Is Actually Bringing Back Free In-Flight Food

American Airlines has announced the return of free snacks, a feature that has all but disappeared from most major airlines

No more tiny packets of peanuts… the real snacks are back.

American Airlines is bringing back a free feature that used to be expected on-board longer flights. No, unfortunately, you’ll still have to pay for checked baggage, but the major airline has announced the return of free in-flight snacks. 

Complimentary snacks on American Airlines flew the coop (or the cabin) in 2003, and until now, the only airline that still gave out free snacks without caveats was JetBlue. (Delta offers free snacks on flights longer than three and a half hours and US Airlines took away free snacks in 2008.)

Disgruntled travelers know that since 9/11, airlines have been taking away so many perks that it’s huge news when an airline actually adds something back. American Airlines will begin this month by offering free cookies or pretzels for transcontinental flights. By April, those perks will extend to all domestic flights.

“We know that we have customers who select our airline based on price and we’re really excited to offer them a product that is superior to choosing an ultra-low cost carrier,” Fernand Fernandez, vice president of global marketing at American Airlines, told Time Magazine.


American Airlines will also be offering more free in-flight movies and music options for passengers.