They’re probably in bad “spirits” after reading this news.


America’s Least Favorite Airline Is Surprisingly Not United

For the third year in a row the American Customer Satisfaction Index has rated Spirit Airlines as the worst in America
They’re probably in bad “spirits” after reading this news.


They’re probably in bad “spirits” after reading this news.

Baggage fees, cramped legroom, sketchy in-flight food… There are plenty of reasons to hate virtually any airline, but one carrier stands tall above the rest. For the third year in a row, Spirit Airlines has been voted the worst airline by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, with an average satisfaction score of 61.

“Spirit’s committed to improve its operations and customer service,” a Spirit spokesperson told CNNMoney. “Beginning last spring, Spirit initiated a number of programs that have led to major improvements in on-time performance and a 64 percent reduction in complaints year over year.”

JetBlue came in first with a customer satisfaction score of 82. American Airlines’ and Delta’s scores both jumped the highest, and are up six and seven percent, respectively, since last year. United — currently undergoing a PR crisis after a man was forcefully dragged off one of their planes — is up three percent from last year, but is still considered the third-worst airline option for consumers.

The full list is below:

JetBlue: 82, +2%

Southwest: 80, 0%

Alaska: 78, +1%

American: 76, +6%

Delta: 76, +7%

All Others: 74, 0%

Allegiant: 71, +9%

United: 70, 3%

Frontier: 63, -5%

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Spirit: 61, -2%