Al Roker Tries Camel Milk in Abu Dhabi

The ‘Today Show’ star reports from Abu Dhabi in a short series called ‘Al’s Epic Adventure’

Al Roker and Bader Najeeb explain how popular camel milk is in Abu Dhabi.

Al Roker, of NBC’s Today Show, is currently reporting from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, for his segment “Al’s Epic Adventure.” Proving that he’s not afraid to be adventurous when it comes to eating, Roker tried a dessert made with a popular staple in the Middle East: camel milk.

Roker describes camel milk as a “trendy ingredient” with plentiful health benefits. He filmed his segment with Bader Najeeb, a 19-year-old chef based in Abu Dhabi, who has two cooking shows in UAE.

Before Najeeb prepared the recipe, Roker tried a sip of plain camel milk. His reaction? “This tastes very good.” 

Najeeb proceeded to make luqaimat, a sweet Arab dumpling that’s similar to doughnut holes. The luqaimat was topped with a drizzle of camel milk chocolate, made with camel milk, whipping cream, and chocolate.


The National reports that camel milk has three times more vitamin C than regular dairy milk and can reduce hypertension and risk of colon cancer.