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This Adorable Cosplaying Cat Chef Dresses Up for Dinner Every Night

He may not be an actual chef, but he sure looks cute dressed as one

Shutterstock / kuban_girl

Some of Maro’s costumes are even handmade or tailored to fit him.

Cats aren’t necessarily known for their culinary skills, but one feline in Japan is making it happen with an Instagram feed filled with food-themed pictures. Maro, a three-year-old cat, has modeled in his best kitchen attire since 2015, when his Instagram account was first established, and has since gained more than 70,000 followers.

“I started taking these cosplay pictures because a friend suggested it,” Rie Matsui , Maro’s owner, told BuzzFeed. “There was a local festival at the time, so I bought a pet happi (a Japanese coat) and made him wear it. Since then, I slowly got into cosplaying, which escalated, and here I am now.”

According to Matsui, the photos can take between five minutes and an hour to get the perfect shot, depending on Maro’s mood.

“He is great at posing, because he's so quiet and easygoing,” Matsui told The Dodo. “He never eats the food, although sometimes I give him a little reward after shooting.”


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