24-Year-Old Catches 7-Foot, 222-Pound Halibut During Fishing Trip

He took some pictures with his catch, and then let it go ‘to fight another day’
24-Year-Old Fisherman Catches 7-Foot, 222-Pound Halibut
The Daily Mail

The fish had to be tied to the boat just so he could share a photo with his temporary captor.  

Erik Axner, a 24-year-old Swedish fisherman, was on a fishing trip with friends in the waters near Norway's Lofoten Islands when he caught a seven-foot-long halibut weighing 222 pounds.

Axner, who fought the fish for more than an hour before subduing it, had to get in the water just to take a photo with the enormous sea creature. He then released the fish back into the wild.

“It could have been a five-kilogram fish [approximately 11 pounds] when the float went down, but when I set the hook I knew it was big,” Axner told The Daily Mail. “The fish was so powerful that it took me an hour to get the better of it. By the time I got the fish to the boat my arms were aching and my back was pretty tired as well.”

A 513-pound halibut is believed to be the largest such fish ever caught, so Axner didn’t break any records, but that’s still pretty exciting for a casual fishing trip with a few friends. 

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