16-Year-Old Launches Cake.af

Service connects customers to new restaurants and provides free Uber rides
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Service is available to consumers in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

16-year-old Daniel Singer, founder of multiple tech startups, has just launched Cake.af, a service that brings customers to new restaurants and helps restaurants fill empty tables. The service, which launched last week, is available in three markets: Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, according to a release.

Customers sign up for the free service by sending the ‘cake’ emoji to Cake.af, or by texting 574-742-4191. Once registered, customers will be sent invitations to restaurants, usually between 11 a.m. and noon the day of, with reservation times. If the customer accepts the invitation, an Uber will be sent to provide a free ride to the restaurant.

“With Cake.af, consumers can feel like a VIP with a car showing up at their door to take them out for a great meal,” said Cake.af creator Daniel Singer. “While they do still have to pay for the food, Cake.af makes the evening easier and less stressful. Restaurants that sign up now have a new way to help fill tables during slow times of the week and consumers are exposed to new dining establishments. It’s a win-win!”

Invitations are sent out to all users in each respective city, and reservations are taken first come, first served, so a quick response is key. Higher priority is given to frequent users of the service, as well as those that responded to ‘yes’ to an invitation but the restaurant was unable to accommodate them. It is also important to note that though Uber service is provided to get to the restaurant, you need to figure out your own transportation plans post-meal.

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