This Smart Belt Expands With Your Waistline As You Eat

Belty connects with your smartphone to let you know when you’ve been gaining weight
This Smart Belt Expands With Your Waistline As You Eat

Belty would definitely be working overtime during the holidays.

Forget wearing stretchy pants to every family dinner: this smart belt, now in the test stage, will automatically loosen or tighten as you lose or gain weight, or even bloat temporarily  during a meal. It’s even sensitive enough to slightly adjust for when you sit down and stand up. Belty, which first premiered at the most recent Consumer Electronics Show, is a smart belt that connects to your smartphone, and is designed to help you become aware of your own waistline.

It might sound as if Belty, designed by Emiota, a French company, would be promoting our indulgent culture. Did you consume too much at an all-you-can-eat buffet? Belty will make you forget your discomfort. But through its smartphone link, Belty is actually designed to cast a watchful eye on how much your waistline expands, and keeps track of your fitness activity while you’re out and about — meaning that you can leave your fitness band at home.

According to CNET reporters who saw the device firsthand, the belt is actually pretty unflattering; it is said to look like the grating on a wearable stereo speaker. Although Emiota is confident in the future of their product, and of wearable tech in general, Belty is nowhere near ready for the consumer market yet.

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