Taco Bell is Testing Crunchwrap Sliders

Taco Bell is going tiny by testing out Crunchwrap sliders, smaller than their normal Crunchwrap Supremes, for only $1 each
Taco Bell

Taco Bell is going tinier with the new Crunchwrap sliders.

Live más, eat menos. Taco Bell is going tinier by offering brand-new Crunchwrap sliders for only $1 each, as opposed to the regular Crunchwraps which go for $3.29 each. The new item, which is made with bits of Fritos chips instead of a tortilla, is being tested in Ohio, and goes against Taco Bell’s “grande” approach to Mexican fast food (XXL burritos and “Big Box” combo meals are some of Taco Bell’s more recent menu innovations).

Here’s what Taco Bell has to say about their new sliders available in beefy cheddar, spicy chicken and classic BLT.

“By combining the portable innovation of Crunchwrap with delicious flavor variety and classic Fritos crunch, we are launching one of the biggest value innovations with the new Crunchwrap Sliders for only $1!”

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