Sweetwater Restaurant in Brooklyn Might Have a Ghost

Sweetwater Restaurant in Brooklyn Might Have a Ghost
Sweetwater Restaurant in Brooklyn Might Have a Ghost

The staff at Sweetwater restaurant in Brooklyn have had to learn to accommodate a ghost.

Sweetwater, the Williamsburg restaurant specializing in new American “bistro fare, fine wine, hand-crafted cocktails, and good times since 2004,” may be inhabited by a ghost for the time being, and employees are making the best of it.

Some time in 2006, Miguel Vargas arrived for work to see a middle-aged woman “with gray hair and dressed in white, like a wedding dress,” he told The New York Times. “I knew it was a ghost when I saw it.”

Vargas, a porter, says he told his bosses and they laughed, but that the previous porter “had quit in a panic,” having claimed to see “the devil” standing over him while napping in the basement.

Other employees at Sweetwater have reported more strange activities: “music turning on without explanation; lights flickering; odd patches of luminescence in the basement; and the feeling of being watched by an unseen presence.”

The ghost is “widely thought” to be that of Anna Smith, the eldest daughter of the Szyjka family who purchased the building in 1924. Anna came to be “very well known” and her niece, Susan Sheldon has reportedly confirmed that Anna is the ghost who flickers the lights in the apartment that now houses Sweetwater’s owners.

“That’s Aunt Anna,” Ms. Sheldon said. “She had tons of records. She loved music. And she loved going out to eat.”

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