Soon You Will Be Able to Build Your Own Wendy’s Burger


Fast food chains are creating more and more individualized options these days to keep up with the build-your-own demand.

Call it the Chipotle effect. Following in the footsteps of fast-casual restaurants, Wendy’s is now testing customizable burgers, where customers will essentially be able to build their own burgers from the bun up—choosing their own protein (one to three burger patties, grilled or home-style chicken); bun (including the beloved pretzel bun); American, Asiago, Cheddar or blue cheese toppings (which include jalapeños and sautéed onions); and custom sauces like garlic aioli and Asiago ranch. 

 “Millennials are used to having things their way,” Craig Bahner, Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer told USA Today. “We totally accommodate. We want them to have the product they want."

McDonald’s is also creating customizable burgers according to NRN, but are nowhere close to the testing stage like Wendy’s. Chipotle itself, the king of customized lunch, is also dipping their toes into a build-your-own-pizza trend, with the recent acquisition of two Pizza Locale locations in Chicago. 

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi