Sign Me Up: A Gourmet Chocolate Cruise Sets Sail This Fall


You can eat all of these chocolate desserts and more aboard the Chocolate Journeys cruise.

They had us at “chocolate spa.” Princess Cruises is creating a cruise line experience just for chocoholics called “Chocolate Journeys,” in partnership with Norman Love. Setting sail this fall, guests will be able to eat and drink pounds of chocolate in various forms, from the 15 desserts Love is creating for the ship (like the pistachio mound covered in milk chocolate), and the chocolate wine pairings in the cruise’s wine bar, to dessert demonstrations and a chocolate spa where you can cover yourself from head to toe in melted chocolate — and it supposedly does your skin some good.

Norman Love has been named one of the top chocolatiers in the nation, and is known for creating extremely detailed and intricate chocolate works of art. You can even purchase one of his sample boxes onboard the Chocolate Journeys cruise.

“One thing is for certain, chocolate makes people happy,” said Love. “So what I create and what Princess Cruises offers its guests are quite similar — what could make people smile more than savoring decadent chocolate creations while enjoying their cruise vacation?”

“Chocolate Journeys” will be setting sail for her inaugural Caribbean season this fall.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi