Pizza Delivery Guy By Night, U.S. Senate Candidate by Day

Sean Haugh, a Libertarian third party candidate, wants to deliver pizza to your door and political change to your Senate
Pizza Delivery Guy By Night, U.S. Senate Candidate by Day
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Is this guy’s campaign cheesy or what?

“Everyone loves the pizza guy.” That’s what Sean Haugh, Libertarian third party candidate for the North Carolina U.S. State Senate said in an interview with NPR. This is no joke: Haugh, 53, a local pizza delivery guy, is running for Senate in the midterm elections and is hoping to shake up the Senate race with his atypical, decidedly outsider image.

He meets interviewers and campaign supporters at doughnut shops and Waffle Houses, and he can often be seen sipping on some craft beers in his friend and campaign manager’s basement bar (which is also where he shoots his campaign videos).

Haugh actually used to work for the Libertarian party before losing his job and eventually becoming a pizza delivery guy last year. But he says he actually loves the job.

"I'm the deliverer of joy and relief to about 20 families a night," Haugh told NPR. "When you think about why you order pizza, it's because you want to treat yourself or you just got home from work and you're so tired and you say, 'I don't want to cook, let's just order something.'”

Even as a third party candidate, right now he’s polling at six or seven percent: a win for pizza lovers and the Libertarian party.   

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