You Can Now Eat With the Sad Grandpa Whose Grandkids Skipped Out On Burgers With Him

“Sad Papaw,” whose photo of him eating burgers with the only grandchild who showed up to dinner is hosting a cookout and you can

Now anyone can say that they “ate with papaw.”

Last week, a photo went viral on social media of “Sad Papaw,” who was eating burgers with just one of his grandchildren because the remaining five grandkids ditched him and their dinner plans.

The photo, posted by granddaughter Kelsey Harmon, shows a forlorn-looking Papaw eating a burger and fries. Within 24 hours, the photo had received thousands of retweets and even inspired flaky grandson Brock Harmon to grab dinner another night with his grandpa.

But all’s well that ends well, because the Harmon family announced that Papaw will be hosting a cookout and anyone is welcome to come. If you happen to be around Purcell, Oklahoma, on March 26, the Harmon family is hosting a cookout with Papaw’s famous burgers.

Nearly 2,000 people have already said they were interested in the event, according to a Facebook post. Burgers will be $2 each and t-shirts will be sold that say, “I ate with Papaw!” All proceeds will benefit the six grandchildren’s college funds and various local charities.


“It was Pawpaw’s idea to have the cookout,” Brock Harmon told BuzzFeed. “He loves all this. He never, ever thought he’d be a celebrity.”