A Mystic Reveals Foods That Can Unlock Our Psychic Powers

Want to become a psychic? Eat watercress, fish, and avocado

Here’s our first prediction: if you combine fish, watercress, and avocado, you’re probably making a tasty fish taco.

Have you eaten some guacamole lately and felt in touch with your inner spiritual voice? If so, there may be a reason for that. Celebrity psychic Cara (she only goes by her first name) has recently revealed the foods to eat and avoid if you want to unlock your fullest psychic potential. According to Cara, healthier foods like watercress, steamed fish, vegetables, and avocado can help connect us to the great beyond. But eating red meat, pastry, and too many fats and sugars can keep us firmly planted in this world.

“Food — not only necessary to keep us alive — can lift one's intelligence and enhance the memory and promote learning power,” Cara, who is well-known for her psychic prowess, told The Daily Mail. I imagine a huge Yorkshire pudding, slices of succulent beef, luscious steaming gravy, and a nice red wine are fantastic this time of year. But the problem is, although the connection to the other dimension may not be initially impaired, if you tried to do any meditation afterwards it's likely it would be.”


A psychic’s diet, it seems, is very important. It takes a lot of energy to speak with the dead. The bottom line is: if you want to be a medium, lay off the medium-rare steak, and opt for something healthier instead.