McDonald's Worker Interrupts Company President's Keynote

A mother of 2, Nancy Salgado, was arrested for interrupting the speech

Several workers protested McDonald's president Jeff Stratton at his keynote speech last Friday.

Last Friday, Oct. 4, several McDonald's workers protested at McDonald's president Jeff Stratton's keynote speech in Chicago for several minutes, with leading protestors escorted out, the Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the video, main protestor Nancy Salgado yelled, "Do you think this is fair, that I have to be making $8.25 when I have worked for McDonald's for 10 years?" Stratton, who remained silent for most of the protest, responded, "I've been there 40 years."

Salgado is part of the Fight for $15 movement, which has been sweeping the country as fast-food workers are asking for a raise from their minimum wage. "The thing is that I need a raise, but you're not helping your employees," Salgado said. "You're out here ... saying you're doing all this, but to your employees you haven't done anything."

Salgado was then threatened with arrest and was escorted out. Stratton, in the meantime, apologized for the interruption and called the protestors' actions "inappropriate." Watch the video, plus an interview with Salgado, below.

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