McDonald’s is Keeping New Nightmarish Mascot

McDonald’s is Keeping New Nightmarish Mascot

Not a fan of the new McDonald's mascot? It's apparently here to stay.

McDonald’s seems to be populated with the objects of nightmares these days. First there was Ronald McDonald (who, despite his age and familiarity, has always been a creepy clown), and now McDonald’s has introduced a brands-new Mascot: Happy, an anthropomorphic happy meal box with an unnaturally-wide grin, and bulging cartoony eyes. We bet that McDonald’s was going for “cute” and “fun,” but there’s something about Happy that just seems sinister.

 He was introduced on the McDonald’s Twitter and Facebook pages with a video that looks straight out of a horror flick, where  Happy keeps multiplying and dancing manically. Someone call Stephen King! Most of the reaction from Twitter has been slightly horrified.

But this just in: McDonald’s isn’t getting rid of Happy, despite kids dropping their McNuggets in fright

"We know social media is a platform for all kinds of people to say all kinds of things," Julie Wenger, director of marketing for McDonald’s told Mashable . "Happy is certainly not going to be unhappy about it."

McDonald’s response has even been a bit…cheeky:

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