Market Basket Threatens Walkout Employees with Replacement

Thousands of Market Basket employees may lose their jobs if they do not end the walkout by Monday, August 4

Senior management at Market Basket will hold a job fair to replace hundreds of employees if they do not return to work by Monday, August 4.

Thousands of employees of the supermarket chain Market Basket, who have gone on strike to protest the firing of company president Arthur T. Demoulas by his cousin Arthur S. Demoulas, stand to lose their jobs if they do not return to work by Monday, August 4.

Senior management at Market Basket has warned employees that the company will begin hosting a job fair on Monday to fill more than 600 positions across its 71 store locations, including “store directors, accountants, buyers, and other associates,” to support the company, reports The Boston Globe.

Rival factions of the Demoulas family have been in negotiations for several days, contending with offers from Arthur T. Demoulas to buy company shares from members of his family.

The contentious family battle has affected not only the supermarket chain’s many employees, but its customers, many of whom have pledged “not to shop at Market Basket until Arthur T. returns.”

The stores, meanwhile, have languished without fresh food or customers. Negotiations within the Demoulas family have moved too slowly to prevent the loss of millions of dollars in daily revenue.


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