Just Light This Fried Chicken Candle for Thanksgiving

Staff Writer
Roast turkey? What roast turkey?

These candles make your home smell like fried chicken, mint juleps, or Ale8 beer.

Forget about making your house smell like fresh-baked cookies, pumpkin pie, or roast turkey this holiday season. Instead, just make it smell like fried chicken with this new fried chicken candle.

Kentucky for Kentucky has commissioned Kathy Werking and Rachael Sinclair to create nostalgic scents of Kentucky in candle form. Some smells? Fried chicken (made with frying chicken in all-natural soy wax and Werking's secret family spices), Ale8 (based off a citrusy, gingery beer, with grapefruit), and Derby, taking on the aromas of mint and vanilla-bourbon for a mint julep candle.

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The candles, on sale today, are only available for a limited time with limited stock; only 25 candles of each scent were made. The fried chicken candle sold out in half an hour, so best of luck with the rest. And while these scents definitely beat the pizza perfume in wearability, it's probably not acceptable to go around smelling like mint juleps, especially at work. Fried chicken, on the other hand...