Watch: Chef José Andrés Weighs in on Immigration Reform

Chef José Andrés discusses the need for more humanity in immigration reform

"Let's find common ground, like at the table," says the chef of immigration reform.

In a recent interview with Jeff Zeleny on the digital video series The Fine Print, Washington, D.C.-based chef José Andrés offered his insights on the ongoing debate surrounding immigration reform. Andrés, who has lived in the United States for 23 years, just recently became a citizen in November 2013, and received his passport in December.

“Here we have 11 million people — some people would call them undocumented, other people will call them illegals — but people, with names and last names,” said Andrés.

“But somehow, they’re here, performing duties, working somewhere, in the farms — in the fishing industry, maybe in restaurants —and somehow we don't give them the opportunity to belong. It’s kind of not fair.”

Although Andrés, who counts the Obamas as loyal patrons of his restaurants, noted that he prefers not to get involved in political debates, the subject of immigration is close to his heart.

The biggest problem, suggests the chef, is that the idea of reform has become such a hotly contested political platform.

“The very simple question we need to ask in Congress is why are we making something so simple so political?”

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