Jimmy Kimmel Trolls People Into Drinking 'Cold Pressed Juice' That's Actually Skittles And Water

What better way to fool organic-loving hipsters than by trolling them into drinking "cold-pressed juice" made from sugary candy? That's exactly what Jimmy Kimmel did, when he set out to prove that the juicing fad has gotten a bit out of hand. He and his crew stopped by a local farmer's market to see what consumers thought of "jüce," the "cold-pressed juice" made from junk food like Skittles (called Rainbow), Fun Dip (called Soul) Tang, (dubbed Cure), and melted popsicles (dubbed Detox). As expected, everyone totally fell for it.

"Like a deep breath, you know, it just feels refreshing," one taster quipped after drinking a juice made from Fun Dip.

"It's not particularly sour, so I wouldn't really call it tangy, it's a little bit more muted than tangy, but definitely very light, very summer," said a participant, who drank the Tang "Cure" concoction.

Watch the entire hilarious video below: