Alcohol's The Worst For Diets And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Seal Meat Burger: In an act of straight-up defiance, a Quebec restaurant has reportedly been serving a foie gras and seal meat burger, and while the seal meat is "federally inspected and legal," (i.e. not baby seal meat), people are not happy. [Grist]

McDonald's Dollar and More Menu: After some testing, Mickey D's is implementing a new dollar menu, priced at $1, $2, and $5. [LA Times]

Spicy Beers on the Rise: Just as sour beers are finally getting their due, new beers are now infused with four peppercorns or jalapeños to create a spicy beer perfect for winter. [Connect Savannah]

Alcohol Destroying Your Diet: Apparently, alcoholic drinks are the worst offenders when it comes to diet, not just because of the hidden calories in the drinks, but also because of the drunk munchies. Nobody can turn down a slice of pizza while tipsy. [Herald Sun]

Ja Rule's Cookbook:  The rapper was reportedly thinking of creating a cookbook where all the dishes are "microwavable." Won't be 2 Chainz's cookbook, unfortunately. [Page Six]