How Do Strangers React When a Shopper Can’t Feed Her Family?

How Do Strangers React When a Shopper Can’t Feed Her Family?

Even though the actual woman who ran out of money was an actress, these people who offered their own time and money to help her, were real.

One in five American households is on food stamps, according to the USDA. Times are tough for everyone these days, but families are being hit especially hard. So what do you think happens when a young woman in a supermarket runs out of food stamps to pay for her groceries? The candid camera TV show, ABC's What Would You Do?, which puts people in difficult situations on hidden camera, had three different actresses come into a grocery store in New Jersey and pay for groceries with food stamps. In each scenario, the woman does not have enough funds to pay for her food.

Usually people try to mind their own business, but in each situation, several people offered to help pay for the woman’s groceries. One woman, when interviewed after, explained why she did it.

“Everyone has hardships but if you can help people it’s important, no matter what. I’ve been in her place before. If you can help somebody else, do it.”

But not everyone is so generous. The WWYD team also planted a “heckler,” who complained about people helping out a woman on food stamps. What happens next may bring a tear to your eye.

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