This Is What Your Thanksgiving Plate Says About You

Did you know that how you organize your Thanksgiving plate of gluttony says quite a bit about your personality?
Yes, you messy turkey pilers: This one’s for you.


Yes, you messy turkey pilers: This one’s for you.

Now that Halloween is over, and we know what your favorite trick-or-treat candy says about you, it’s time to move on to everyone’s favorite holiday of excess eating: Thanksgiving. You may think that your method of trickling gravy all over everything on your plate, or organizing your side dishes into neat, separate piles is innocent, but you’d best believe your gizzard: It’s not. Mashable recently did a thorough psychological analysis of Turkey Day eating methods and determined what your Thanksgiving plate says about you.

You can see the entire colorful infographic here, but we’ve pulled a couple of the hilarious highlights and added a few gobblers ourselves:

The Mile-High Club (Everything is piled high onto your plate): "You are an analyst, you love digging into people’s psyches and exploring their eccentricities. You never judge a book by its cover, love 90s ska music, and most of your outfits are a mix of vintage couture and Target apparel."

Nothing Must Touch: "You still have all of your high school journals under your bed in a cardboard box. You take the batteries out of hotel alarm clocks because you can hear the ticking sounds. And you may secretly be a 'never-nude.'"

The Gravy River (You pour gravy onto everything): You’re the lovable, absent-minded professor type. Your bedroom or house is probably perpetually messy, but you know exactly where everything is.  You’re the first one to succumb to the post-feast turkey coma, and you nab the best spot on the couch every year.


The Sandwich King (You scoop up the entire contents of your plate and put them between two slices of bread): You’re probably more interested in the football on TV than the actual Thanksgiving meal. You’ve been known to slap relatives on the back upon greeting them. Hard. You are known for talking several decibels louder than necessary.