Welch's Continues To Push Into Kosher Grape Juice Market For Passover

Grape juice might have been one of your favorite childhood drinks, but it can also serve religious purposes for Orthodox Jews during the holidays. Traditionally for the Passover Seder, Jews drink from a blessed cup of wine, but parents often use grape juice for children to get them accustomed to the tradition.

According to The New York Times, grape juice company Welch's has stepped into the scene, even collaborating with Manischewitz to release a certified kosher grape juice last year; however, the company is pushing into already-chartered territory. Kosher food company Kedem has been in the business of providing organic grape juice to families during the holidays since 1948.

Both companies provide coupons for their products, but since Welch's is relatively new to the market, Kedem tends to sell more, Shulem Brach, manager of Wasserman's in New York, told The New York Times.

"We welcome the competition," Mordy Herzog, chief executive for Kayco (distributor of Kedem), said. "Our primary emphasis has been to deliver a quality product at fair prices for six decades, and we are confident of the continued loyalty of our customers."

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