WATCH: ‘All About That Baste’ Meghan Trainor Thanksgiving Parody

The Holderness Family debuts a new video: an "All About That Bass" Turkey Day parody

The family-friendly viral video that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Remember that cute and slightly-Stepford-perfect family that made a back-to-school parody video this year called “Baby Got Class”? Well now the Holderness family is back, and this time they’re doing a turkey-themed parody of Meghan Trainor’s big hit called, cheekily, “All About That Baste.” As the story in the carefully choreographed video goes, Papa Holderness  is frankly terrible at cooking for Thanksgiving and, like “most dads,” is clueless in the kitchen: “She said I burn them because I screw up everything,” so he’s delegated to basting duty.

As it turns out, this dad is “all about that baste (more butter!)” and the whole family does a twee song and dance routine to this delightfully corny parody (complete with pink shirt and casual sweater tied around the shoulders), that even gets the kids involved. He even warns you not to “wear those skinny britches, nah” because you know, copious amounts of butter.

Whether this video gets you humming or grates on your eardrums, you may want to check out The Daily Meal’s for-real best turkey-cooking techniques (hint: it’s really all about that brine).

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