Starbucks Wants You to Buy This $50 Mother’s Day Gift Card for $200

Starbucks is selling a flower-embossed gift card for Mom and the packaging costs $150
Starbucks Wants You to Buy This $50 Mother’s Day Gift Card for $200

Do you love your mother enough to buy her a $50 gift card for $200?

Forget the predictable flowers and Hallmark card. This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift she’ll truly cherish: an opportunity to scold you for your poor consumer habits. Starbucks is selling a super fancy gift card geared toward moms for $200. The catch? It’s actually only a $50 gift card. But it’s made from a more permanent material (one reviewer described it as “ceramic-like”) and comes in a beautiful box decorated with flower etchings, hence the steep markup.

Starbucks describes it as “an elegant gift with its laser-etched floral details and satin ceramic finish.”  They also claim that it’s “more than just a gift card,” and actually acts like a rewards card, earning mom points for free food and lattes. And she’ll definitely need the caffeine after finding out that you spent $150 on pretty packaging.This isn’t the first time Starbucks has made a gift card for the one percent. Last year, the company gave out gold gift cards to 14 lucky coffee fans loaded with $5,000 of Starbucks points.

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