Ring In The New Year With Boozy Glitter Ice Cream Bowls

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like a bowl full of ice cream drowned in rum and sparkles. This recipe video featured on Cosmopolitan is festive and sweet, and will help you say "sayonara" to 2016's bumps and blights.

The boozy glitter floats are created with chocolate bowls (made with the help of some popped balloons), edible glitter, sprinkles, ice cream, and the booze of your choice (a tropical rum like Malibu or a sweet cream liqueur like Baileys probably works well).

You can get the entire process here, along with a helpful video tutorial, but here is the basic breakdown:

First, melt semi-sweet chocolate chips and inflate balloons to the desired size. Then roll the balloons in melted chocolate and sprinkles until thoroughly coated. Let the balloons cool for at least an hour and then pop the balloons to reveal your chocolate bowls. Next, scoop in a generous amount of your favorite ice cream flavor and the alcohol of your choice. Sprinkle edible glitter on your masterpiece and toast to 2017 with a heaping spoonful!