New Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs Will Seriously Upgrade Your Easter Baskets

Reese’s has come out with crème eggs to compete with the ever-popular Cadbury crème eggs, just in time for Easter

We just found a new favorite Easter candy.

Move over jelly beans and chocolate eggs — Reese’s has stepped up its springtime confectionary game. Reese’s crème eggs are now being released in conjunction with the Easter season.

This milk chocolate egg is stuffed with sweet peanut butter-flavored fondant filling and even comes with a little purple spoon so you can scoop out the sugary deliciousness yourself (or enjoy it whole — personalize your peanut indulgence the way you want it). According to a highly important experiment from Real Simple, you can actually use the same spooning method for the original Cadbury crème eggs.


Up until now, the crème egg business has been dominated by Cadbury’s line of sickeningly sweet fondant or caramel-filled chocolate shells. But who knows? Reese’s may give them a run for their money with their new product. All we know is our Easter baskets are certainly big enough to fit multiple types of crème-filled chocolate eggs.