Most Festive Restaurant in New York City Is Decorated with 100,000 Lights and 15,000 Ornaments

Rolf’s German Restaurant takes Christmas very seriously and is known as one of the most decorated restaurants in NYC

The owners begin decorating in late September.

By now, you’ve probably seen dozens of YouTube videos of elaborately decorated houses with Christmas displays that blink in time to holiday tunes. But what about restaurants? Rolf’s German Restaurant in New York is known by its customers for its extremely detailed holiday display: This year the owners of the Gramercy restaurant have put up 100,000 lights and 15,000 ornaments, a labor-intensive project that actually begins in earnest in late September.

The decorations, from wreaths to smiling cherubs and rows of hanging candles, cover every inch of the walls and ceiling inside Rolf’s. The whole display generally costs the restaurant between $60,000 and $65,000 each year according to an interview with Business Insider.

You won’t find any cheesy blow-up displays or Charlie Brown figurines inside Rolf’s. In fact, the whole display feels sentimental, favoring more traditional decorations like poinsettias and well-dressed (albeit, slightly creepy) retro dolls that adorn that rafters of the restaurant.

Understandably, Rolf’s is pretty popular with New Yorkers and tourists alike, with the line wrapping around the block by the second week of December.


"We get a couple hundred international calls for reservations every year," restaurant manager Suhal Uddin told Business Insider. "We can't accommodate everyone, but we try our best."