This LEGO Toy Can Actually Be Converted Into a Christmas Cookie Decorator

This machine from LEGO Mindstorms can be easily converted into an automatic cookie decorating assembly line

The Christmas life-hack to end all Christmas life-hacks.

Not only are LEGOs still at the top of many kids’ gift wish lists this holiday season, but one LEGO set in particular has an unusual secondary use for adults (you know, beyond intolerable pain from stepping on one of those multicolored bricks in the kids’ playroom).The Mindstorms EV3 set from the LEGO Mindstorms collection can be converted into a Christmas cookie decorating mini assembly line, according to Life Hacker.

All you have to do to turn your toy into a cookie icing micro-machine is to follow the programming code and instructions from the LEGO geniuses over at JK Brickworks. You’ll need a piping bag full of icing, which is squeezed by a robotic mechanical piece onto the cookie in the design that is programmed into the toy itself.

Take a look here:


Unfortunately, the hack sounds pretty cool, but it won’t come cheap: One of these sets, which is basically a completely controllable robot transformer toy, costs a whopping $349.99. You can get a cookie decorating machine from Cuisinart for just $39.95.