KFC Released a Steamy, Chicken-Fried Romance Novel for Moms

In ‘Tender Wings of Desire,’ Colonel Sanders is a buff love interest and you are sharing in this steamy, greasy fantasy

Well, now we know what to get mom for Mother’s Day.

If you thought Christian Grey was hunky, just wait ‘til you get “abreast” of Harland Sanders, the “handsome sailor with a mysterious past” and love interest of the bizarre (but hilarious) new spoof romance novel released by KFC. Tender Wings of Desire is a real, 96-page e-book you can download for free on Amazon.

KFC says that their sales spike 40 percent around Mother’s Day. We’re not sure whether your plans for next Sunday involve treating Mom to a bucket of fried chicken, but at least you can appeal to her Fifty Shades of Grey obsession of years past with this bizarre marketing stunt.

The book already has an impressive four stars on Amazon, with one reviewer calling it “finger lickin’ good” and another describing it as “The Fowlest Book of 2017.”

This isn’t the first time KFC has dished out the romance: Earlier this year they were selling fried chicken bouquets on Valentine’s Day. Because nothing says “I love you” better than greasy fingers and a carb coma.


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