Fort Worth Police Give Out Turkeys Instead of Tickets

This Texas police department is giving back to the community
Fort Worth Police Department

Fort Worth Police Department

These police officers took the opportunity to spread happiness this holiday season. ​

In the spirit of the holidays, the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department handed out turkeys last week instead of citations for minor traffic violations to unsuspecting drivers.

Five teams of officers went through the city to hand out dozens of the Thanksgiving dinner essential, WFAA reported.

The police department wrote a post on Facebook to share their mission for the day:

“This afternoon, our officers felt that they needed a change of pace! Instead of handing out the usual traffic tickets on traffic stops, they decided to hand out turkeys! Yes, turkeys! We had a few extra turkeys laying around, courtesy of Metro Ministries, and decided to show how thankful we are to our awesome citizens! We can't wait for Thanksgiving!”

One driver, Charles Miller, was stopped for failing to use a turn signal on his way to pick up his wife from the hospital.

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"I'm going to tell everyone," Miller told WFAA. "I'm going to show 'em my turkey too!"