Dairy Queen Wants You to Stress Less and Eat Cake on Valentine’s Day

The fast-food chain launches its Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard Cupid Cake along with a national study on the special holiday

The cake is made of brownie pieces, sweet chocolate chunks rich cocoa fudge and crunch center, blended with vanilla soft serve.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way, Dairy Queen has launched its limited-edition Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard Cupid Cake, available at select locations while supplies last.

The fast-food chain also conducted a nationwide study with Toluna Research in January that surveyed 830 adults ages 21 to 54 in the US who are in committed relationships to see how couples are spending holiday with their significant others.

The big question is: do you stay at home or go out on Valentine’s Day? Dairy Queen found that 82 percent of men said they would feel guilty about not going out with their significant other for the holiday. Nearly half of women (45 percent) said they preferred to stay in for the holiday and over two-thirds (67 percent) thought that staying in could be romantic.

Eighty-percent of men also felt the pressure to have a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, while only 61 percent of women did. What’s Dairy Queen’s takeaway? “Ask your significant others what they want. Don’t guess. And relax. It’s just V-Day.”

In the age of social media, if you don’t post pictures, did it really happen? According to Dairy Queen’s study, 69 percent of men have written Valentine’s Day posts about their significant others on social media, but only 43 percent of women have written about theirs. Sixty-five percent of men think that posting about their significant other on social media is romantic, while only 38 percent of women agree.

Ten percent of respondents think that romantic Valentine’s Day posts on social media are fake and cliché.

As for the romantic flavors of Valentine’s Day, the study found that chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate truffles, and red velvet cake are the most romantic. Chocolate brownies, cheesecake, and caramel flavors are seen as more “comfortable” flavors.

The study found the respondents think the most comfortable symbol of romance on Valentine’s Day is dessert (42 percent), followed by the couch (28 percent), which is the perfect combination for an at-home date night.


With a whopping 93 percent of couples saying they’ve reached the “comfortable stage” of their relationship, share some Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard Cupid Cake, which retails starting at $9.99 at participating Dairy Queen locations, and enjoy a comfortable night on the couch this Valentine’s Day.