This meal may come with a different type of plastic figurine….

Burger King

This Burger King Is Selling ‘Adult Meals’ Today Complete With ‘Toys’ For Evening Romance

Burger King is offering an Adult Meal just for tonight, complete with two Whoppers and an adult toy

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Adult fast-food fans can have a Whopper of a good time tonight, thanks to Burger King’s limited-edition “Adult Meal.” Each “Adult Meal” —available at all participating Burger Kings in Israel after 6 pm on Valentine’s Night —c omes with two Whoppers,  French fries, two beers, and either a satin blindfold, a scalp massager, or a feather duster. Of course, given the adult content of this dark-purple-and-garish-neon-wrapped meal deal, you have to be 18 or older to order it.

It’s hardly whips and chains, but the meal was clearly aimed at a more risqué audience than the usual Valentine’s Day promotion from a fast-food chain. (Taco Bell, meanwhile, is focusing instead on getting couples down the aisle).

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Unfortunately, the beefy meal is not available Stateside, but nonetheless, Twitter had a lot to say about it: