Burger King Launches Christmas Cups and Packaging; Your Move, Starbucks

Burger King is launching a line of Christmas-themed cups and food packaging with mistletoe and reindeer images mostly in the UK
The true spirit of Christmas lies in your Whopper packaging.

Burger King UK

The true spirit of Christmas lies in your Whopper packaging.

Just weeks after Starbucks caused a Kris Kringle kerfuffle by opting for a neutral red cup this holiday season bereft of any Christmas-y designs, Burger King has announced plans for blatantly holiday-themed cups and burger packaging for its U.K. customers.You bet your Blitzen that this chain has run the Christmas gamut. Now a Whopper with fries in England will come in bags and containers decorated with snowmen, reindeer, Santa hats, mistletoe, and cheerfully colorful lights.

The jolly packaging will also be available at select locations across the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.

“The new, limited-edition packaging gives guests new ways to celebrate the holidays in a very authentic BK way,” Fabiana Anauate, marketing vice president at Burger King, said. “At Burger King restaurants, we like to encourage all the unique and different ways our guests get into the spirit.”

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Burger King will also launch a Winter Whopperland Christmas-themed menu to go with the holiday décor, with 11 new holiday-themed menu items that apparently evoke the holiday spirit like the Quattro Cheese Whopper.