This Burger King Dressed Up as a McDonald’s for Halloween

Employees at a Burger King in Queens covered the building in a giant sheet and spray-painted ‘McDonald’s’ on it

Now that’s a scary costume.

This Burger King is getting a head start on Halloween by trolling McDonald’s with one “Whopper” of a prank.The employees at a Burger King location in Rego Park in Queens, New York, covered the building and Burger King logo with white sheets and spray-painted “McDonald’s” on it, along with the famous golden arches. A sign below the hidden Burger King logo reads, “Boooo. Just kidding! We still flame grill our burgers!” — a not-so-subtle dig at McDonald’s, which famously fries its burgers.

The whole “ghostly” display is visible from the parkway and has gotten Twitter talking. 


This isn’t the first time Burger King has publicly called out its rival. In 2015, BK called for a fast-food truce and asked to collaborate with McDonald’s on a one-day-only “McWhopper.” McDonald’s declined to participate in the scheme. Perhaps this is Burger King’s way of getting back at McDonald’s for turning it down?