This Burger King Dressed Up as a McDonald’s for Halloween

Employees at a Burger King in Queens covered the building in a giant sheet and spray-painted ‘McDonald’s’ on it

Now that’s a scary costume.

This Burger King is getting a head start on Halloween by trolling McDonald’s with one “Whopper” of a prank.The employees at a Burger King location in Rego Park in Queens, New York, covered the building and Burger King logo with white sheets and spray-painted “McDonald’s” on it, along with the famous golden arches. A sign below the hidden Burger King logo reads, “Boooo. Just kidding! We still flame grill our burgers!” — a not-so-subtle dig at McDonald’s, which famously fries its burgers.

The whole “ghostly” display is visible from the parkway and has gotten Twitter talking. 

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This isn’t the first time Burger King has publicly called out its rival. In 2015, BK called for a fast-food truce and asked to collaborate with McDonald’s on a one-day-only “McWhopper.” McDonald’s declined to participate in the scheme. Perhaps this is Burger King’s way of getting back at McDonald’s for turning it down?