Anonymous Man Dressed as Santa Hands Out $100 Bills at Food Pantries

Continuing the tradition he started in 2010, the unnamed man plans to give out $20,000 to unsuspecting recipients
$100 Bills

Man says not knowing how the money will be used is part of the magic.

A ‘Secret Santa’ has been giving out $100 bills to unsuspecting recipients in southern Maine, according to Portland Press Herald. He was seen again this year at two York County food pantries, giving envelopes with $100 bills inside to people visiting the pantry to stock up for the holiday as well as volunteers.

Melissa Warren, a mother of two who received an envelope, cried happy tears and said, “I’m grateful. It’s such a nice gesture.” A man who came into the pantry to drop off food was also handed an envelope. After telling ‘Santa’ that he didn’t need the money, Santa replied, “That’s OK. Maybe you can find someone who does and pay it forward.”


Santa says he will give out about $20,000 in $100 bills this year, and that his favorite part about what he does is seeing the reactions of those who receive the envelopes. “He never knows how the money will be used after it leaves his hands, but that’s part of the magic,” writes Portland Press Herald.