Soon, we’ll be able to eat our Hershey’s bars in peace.


Will Milk Chocolate Be Just as Healthy as Dark Chocolate in the Future?

Scientists were able to inject healthful antioxidants found in dark chocolate into milk chocolate without affecting the taste

We’ve heard it for years: Chocolate is good for you! But only the bitter stuff. However, that could all change soon: Scientists from North Carolina State University were recently able to imbue milk chocolate with a powder found on peanut skins made out of phenolic compounds, which are high in antioxidants and have been found to fight cancer and heart disease.

"If applied to commercial products, peanut skin extracts would allow consumers to enjoy mild tasting products and have exposure to compounds that have proven health benefits," lead author Lisa L. Dean explained in a press release.

By mixing the altered milk chocolate with the artificial sweetener maltodextrin, scientists were able to keep the product sweet and devoid of the bitterness that often accompanies dark chocolate.

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In a blind taste test, research participants were not able to tell the difference between the altered chocolate and regular milk chocolate. However, scientists are unsure yet whether the product would trigger a reaction for people with peanut allergies.