What NFL Players Eat at Training Camp, According to Giants Punter Steve Weatherford

‘The process of gaining or losing weight while at training camp is broken down to almost an exact science,’ says Weatherford
What NFL Players Eat at Training Camp, According to Giants Punter Steve Weatherford

Each team has a nutritionist whose job is to help the players meet their peak physical condition. 

One of the reasons professional athletes eat better than the rest of us — other than the fact that they have to — is because they have access to a training table, which is literally covered with foods that have been approved for optimum athletic maintenance.

“For those who are unaware, NFL training tables are meal tables that consist of the foods that the coaches have deemed most healthy for the players and they provide those foods as options to eat at the training tables,” New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford shared with USA Today. Players are not required to eat from their table, but each one has been personalized to their specific fitness needs. 

“The food is pretty good as well,” Weatherford says. “An NFL training table will usually consist of foods like chicken, rice, fruit, eggs, and greens. The idea being to provide as much lean muscle building proteins as possible, while also boosting the bodies [sic] energy with the consumption fruits and greens.”

Of course, each team also has its own nutritionist whose job is to make sure that each player reaches his peak physical condition.


“Players who are in need of gaining size and strength will be required to consume large amounts of protein and carbohydrates. These players can expect to consume a lot of chicken, eggs, beef, and pasta. Meanwhile, players who are in need of lowering their weights so that they can remain light on their feet can expect to see a lot of fruits and vegetables while at training camp.”