Watchdog Agency Files Lawsuit Against Soylent for Failing to Warn Consumers of High Lead Levels


Would you still consider Soylent? Or will you be sticking to solid food?

Soylent, the meal replacement shake startup that wants to eliminate our reliance on food, is in trouble.As You Sow, a nonprofit watchdog agency, has filed a lawsuit against the company for failing to provide the public with adequate warning of lead and cadmium (a soft malleable metal similar to mercury) levels in the Soylent 1.5 product.

According to As You Sow, the product contains a concentration of lead that is 12 to 25 times more potent than the California Safe Harbor level for safety and sound reproductive health. The product also contains cadmium levels that are at least four times higher than safety regulations in the state of California allow.

"Nobody expects heavy metals in their meals," said Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, in a statement. "These heavy metals accumulate in the body over time and, since Soylent is marketed as a meal replacement, users may be chronically exposed to lead and cadmium concentrations that exceed California's safe harbor level (for reproductive harm). With stories about Silicon Valley coders sometimes eating three servings a day, this is of very high concern to the health of these tech workers."


Lead exposure is linked to lower IQ, learning disabilities, and other neurological impairments. The Daily Meal has contacted Soylent for a statement.