There's A New Diet Out There: Vegans Who Eat Eggs

It's hard to keep track of diets nowadays; everyone seems to be following some form of meat, carb, or dairy-free routine.

The newest trending nutrition choice is "vegganism:" vegans who eats eggs. The rise of the veggan can be tracked mostly through Instagram where the hashtag #Veggan has been trending. 


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In case you're confused, a veggan still follows most of the rules of the typical vegan diet (no meat or dairy products), just with eggs added on to the menu of approved ingredients. Why? Nutritionists think that vegganism is a good way for omnivores to transition to a meat-free diet. After all, eggs contain high levels of protein and good cholesterol, which can make the plant-based switch easier.

"Having eggs helps you feel more satisfied, and it's not as much of a shock to your system if you go from having all these animal products and nutrients to being without," New York City registered dietitian Jessica Cording tells Yahoo Health. "It's a good transition or more moderate long-term approach."