There Is a New ‘Cake Cleanse’ Diet Out There That Allows You to Eat Dessert for Every Meal

The Cake Cleanse diet allows you to eat ‘healthy’ cakes made from unprocessed ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Cake Cleanse

Cake Cleanse

Cake for every meal? Now you’re talking.

What if we told you about a miraculous new diet that allows you to eat cake for every meal of the day and allegedly still lose weight?

Before you go out to the store and buy dozens of Entenmann’s crumb cakes, there is one catch: The Cake Cleanse diet, developed by nutritionist Deborah Schnipper allows you to eat healthy desserts for every meal of the day (including mug cakes, chocolate cakes, and cupcakes).

Each recipe contains zero processed or artificial ingredients and is packed with nutrients and healthy components like coconut milk and oil, fruit, and Greek yogurt. The Cake Cleanse is a four-week program that comes with a recipe book, designed to help you enjoy sweets without sacrificing your weight loss goals.

“It's all about a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but it's also about bad foods turned good - so it has things like pancakes as well that are actually really good for you,” Schnipper told The Daily Mail. I would say that since eating this way my skin issues and my insomnia are 90 per cent better, I'm happier, have more energy and look forward to every single day - and I never have to worry about my weight again!'

You can find many of her recipes online, including cake energy bites in flavors like black forest and strawberry cheesecake; pancakes; and ice cream cake.

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